How The 2018 Toyota Camry Could Do Worse Than Prius

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Toyota is not taking part in ads shown during the Super Bowl and this is the first time they have done this since 2011. They have said that their launch schedules don’t line up with the Super Bowl as the launch of the vehicles isn’t going to happen until late spring.

However it could be that the Toyota Prius was shown during the 2016 Super Bowl in ads and it didn’t manage to gain any favor or sales with consumers and in fact sales of the vehicle actually declined. If they don’t show ads during the Super Bowl event the next generation of the Toyota Camry is going to be without that exposure in what happens to be the biggest sporting event in the US and it could lose just as badly when it comes to sales as the Prius did.

The vice president of Toyota marketing said that over the past five years the company has used the Super Bowl as the launch point for their new vehicles. However next year the timing isn’t right for them to maximize the value of the ads.

In Super Bowl 50 the Toyota Prius was shown off as being a fun to drive vehicle in an ad with the title of The Longest Chase. This was shown during a 90 second ad spot in the second quarter. The car maker also had a 60 second spot called Hunters in the games post-game show.

He went on to say that the choice of Toyota not to run ads in the Super Bowl 2017 doesn’t mean that the brand name is drawing back from the NFL. It was said that Toyota would continue to show ads in NFL broadcasts that were high visibility and this includes Sunday and Monday Night Football.

So the 2018 Toyota Camry isn’t going to get the spotlight treatment that the Toyota Prius did in the 2016 Super Bowl.

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