The Tesla Model Y is going to be arriving and this is going to be their second SUV, which is going to learn from the mistakes of the Model X.

At the moment there isn’t a precise time of arrival for the Tesla Model Y, however, it has been suggested that the development of the vehicle is already underway and the vehicle may not come with the falcon wing doors.

Of course before they can release the Tesla Model Y to consumers, Tesla first have to work on getting the Tesla Model 3 out to those who have pre-ordered the vehicle. The vehicle managed to get a record number of deposits.

The Tesla Model Y should come in-between the Tesla Model 3 and Model S. The Model 3 is the most affordable vehicle from Tesla. It is thought that following the launch of their second SUV, the range of vehicles is going to be known as SEXY. We are not talking about the looks of the vehicles in the range. The car maker already has S, X, 3 and soon to be Y. The 3 could be put in front of the X and then it would be a backwards E, and with the introduction of the Y, they would have S.3.X.Y, or SEXY.

Elon Musk had Tweeted that the Tesla Model Y might have the falcon doors of the X but then many consumers have had headaches over the doors, despite them looking great. He then removed the Tweet, which may suggest that he has rethought this and the vehicle may not have the falcon doors.

Of course for the time being we are going to have to wait to find out the actual sales results of the Tesla Model 3 as it hadn’t yet reached the showrooms. But would you rather the Tesla Model Y came without the falcon doors?

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