Gamers of GTA have taken to Reddit to express their anger about how GTA Online has ruined the series. Their anger has focused on DLCs and microtransactions and even took to Twitter to comment.

Many people complained about those people who had bought into microtransactions and these people say that it is these people who are ruining things for those who gamed before them. Of course there is some people who from that era too who have bought into the microtransactions too.

There are many fans of GTA who pointed out that regardless of whether you have a disposable income or not, many people don’t want to waste their money on items or in-game money, they just want to be able to play a decent game.

With DLCs now coming in it often means that you pay out around $60 USD for a game and only get half of the game. Then you have to pay out another $20 to $30 for additional content. DLCs tend to make the game you bought feel as though it was less thought out at the start so it needs things added on.

GTA 5 is one of the games that shows just how DLCs ruin the game. With the pre-order DLC you get a blimp and 500k. As the whole premise of the game was that Franklin earns crap money and he wants something better, the DLC took away from this as it ensured that he started with a big pile of money and for no reason.

But what do you think about DLCs and microtransactions in GTA, are they something that has ruined it and does Rockstar make huge amounts of money through GTA Online?

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