Apple fans that have the iPhone 7 have a bone to pick with the 2016 MacBook Pro as it seems that you cannot connect the device to the laptop out of the box.

Rather than being able to connect the iPhone 7 to the 2016 MacBook Pro you first have to make an extra purchase. This is due to the MacBook Pro coming with between two and four USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, which are not compatible with the iPhone 7 that ships with the handset.

This means that you have to pay out an additional $25 for the USB-C to Lightning cable so that you can connect your device to the 2016 MacBook Pro to exchange files or charge the handset. This is surely an oversight of Apple and perhaps they should start shipping the cable with the laptop to ensure that it is compatible with their latest handset.

The 12 inch MacBook and the iPhone 7 have the same issue too. While Apple may want to simplify things when it comes to design they clearly haven’t given any thought to people who want to attach their phone to the MacBook without having to go out and purchase a new cable.

So what are your thoughts on the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro not being compatible with the iPhone 7 out of the box?

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