Hope For Panamera Drops Compared To Mission E

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The Porsche Panamera doesn’t have anything when compared to the Mission E concept and this is due to the fact that the Panamera is lacking when it comes to looks. The concept of the Mission E is very much along that of the 911, while the Panamera takes on the flattened look of the Cayenne.

Porsche is hoping that they will be able to sell about 20,000 units of the Porsche Mission E per year and they may be able to do so. Of course that is if the concept of the vehicle has the looks of the production version.

The CEO of Porsche said that the Mission E was calculated with items in the order for 20,000 units in Germany.

Bear in mind that the Porsche Panamera managed only to sell a few over 15,000 units in 2015, so it is a big surprise that Porsche would aim higher. When you take the powertrain into account the Mission E should be classed as being the niche model when compared to the Panamera.

Porsche wants to launch the Porsche Mission E during 2019 and the maximum range should be more than 310 miles and it will reach 62mph from standing still in 3.5 seconds. It may not have the same speed as the Tesla, however it is still classed as being a speedster.

Reports have suggested that the Porsche Mission E is going to offer fast charging and it should be able to reach 80% charge in only 15 minutes.