Many rival of the Honda Ridgeline sell around 10,000 units per month while the Ridgeline tends to sell about 4,000 each month and we know the reason why. It is due to the fact that there are no choices for the Ridgeline, you either pay out 29, 500 or you keep your money in your pocket.

With the Honda Ridgeline there is no choice of buying a long or short bed, you just get a bed. You cannot choose a crew cab, extended or regular either. The four doors are the same as those on the Pilot and even the cab is about the same as the one on the three row SUV. In fact about 30% of the components of the Ridgeline are those from the Honda Pilot.

You cannot choose between the four cylinder engine or the diesel as you get the V6 3.5 litre, offering 280 horsepower and 262 torque. This is the same engine that you would get it you went for the Honda Pilot, with the exception being the six speed automatic instead of the nine speed.

You can choose to lose some smaller features if you don’t want to hand over around $40,000. For instance you could ditch the bigger infotainment system, leather seats, keyless ignition and entry. One of the biggest add-ons is the bed audio system, where the bed walls kind of act as the speakers.

You can’t get out of having the storage area, which is hidden under the composite bed, but you do get to choose between AWD and FWD.

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