Honda Pilot And Honda Fit Takes Fuel Saving Further

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Car makers believe that the more gears they put in cars the more fuel owners will save and to back up their beliefs they are working on transmissions that have more gears. We have recently heard that Honda has put in for a patent for an 11 speed gearbox and it will have three clutches.

The transmission is going to offer 11 gears and three clutches and it was said that the third clutch is going to help bring down the drop in torque that is seen on dual clutches.

The gears are thought to help with improvements to the fuel economy but what is unclear at the moment is when Honda will offer the 11 speed gearing. Some people believe that it will be seen in the Honda Fit and will therefore make the vehicle more efficient with fuel.

Other people believe that the new transmission is going to be seen in the bigger version of the Honda Pilot.

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