Honda Fit Isn’t Very Good Value For Your Money

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Sales of the Honda Fit have been less than impressive throughout this year and some people have put this down to the arrival of the 10th generation of the Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic arrived with a price tag of $2000 more than what you would pay if you went for the Honda Fit, but it seems that many people don’t mind paying it. The Civic boasts the 1.5 litre turbocharged engine and you get about 42mpg from it. This is better for fuel economy that what the Fit offers.

So if you do want good value for your money you might want to forget about the Honda Fit and choose the Honda Civic instead. The company sedan has attracted numerous customers who might have been considering the Fit.

The Honda Fit is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle that is simple to drive, is affordable and small.

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  1. C. S.

    November 3, 2016 at 5:27 am

    The Honda Fit was perfect for me and my family, as we live in town and the Civic is just too big for parking in our area. Compact size without compromising carrying capacity is what makes the Fit great.

    Though I’m guessing that since you’ve published at least three other articles with nearly the same text in the last two months, you aren’t likely to consider the Fit regardless of the context. 😉