One of the most popular subcompact hatchbacks is the Honda Fit and it’s not too difficult to find out why. The vehicle offers a driving experience that is simple while it also offers some great fuel economy figures.

One of the issues with the Honda Fit is that it hasn’t been selling at a pace that is consistent. The sales figures have been on the decline since the start of this year and many people have said that it is the fault of the Honda Civic. This is due to the fact that the vehicle offers up fuel economy that is better.

Honda of course knows this and they have teased that the Honda Fit is going to come with a big upgrade. They didn’t reveal any details about this but they did say that we should expect to see a turbocharged engine. This is going to have the same layout as the 1.5 litre unit that is seen on the Honda Civic but we can expect to see a smaller capacity.

With the engine used on the Honda Fit we will see the vehicle come with fuel economy figures that are insane and it will also offer up more power. The turbocharged Honda Civic should be able to take on the Ford Fiesta EcoBoost.

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