Honda Could Break Rules For Next Generation Honda Accord

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The Honda Accord is the flagship vehicle for the car maker; however the vehicle has been experiencing a slowdown for sales. The amount of vehicles sold over the last few months have been on a downward slide and it has been said that the 10th generation of the Honda Civic is the one that has caused it.

One thing that people take into account when purchasing a new car is value for money and it seems that they think the Honda Civic gives better value for money than the Honda Accord. The Civic is a powerful vehicle that is also light and the interior is almost as big as that of the Accord, while being more economical than the Fit. Another thing in its favor is the fact that it is cheaper than the Accord for owning.

Honda does know this and they are now hard at work on producing a new Honda Accord. If we can believe the talk that is going around then the new version of the vehicle is going to receive a feature that comes from the Acura, by way of SH-AWD. This means that the Accord should offer up a driving experience that is unique and one which the Honda Civic cannot offer.

If the rumors prove to be true, and this is a big if as Honda has in the past kept special tech for the Acura, then the SH-AWD is going to be received well on the Honda Accord and sales should improve. But do you think that this is something that is going to happen?

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