It’s not only a certain phone maker that is having to launch recalls, now Honda and the Honda Civic have joined up as they are recalling 350,000 sedans along with coupes in the US. The issue is said to be the electronic parking brake that may become disabled.

Bush button electric versions of the electronic parking brake have taken over from the mechanical hand lever along with foot pedal parking brake and this frees up space in the vehicle. The switch for the Honda Civic came with the 2016 version but thanks to faulty software the stability control can be disable the parking brake.

If the driver tries to put the brake on with the engine turned off the parking brake light may flash on for around 15 seconds and this indicates a fault with it. Honda are said to have found the fault in December 2015 after a claim on the warranty and since them they received over 342 claims through October.

When shutdown the monitoring system that measures the tire pressure writes the data to the stability control for seconds and then stops the parking brake sending out signals to the computer. Honda has been releasing an update to the software from November and they are asking owners of the Honda Civic to set the parking brake before they turn off the car.

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