Have Honda Gone Ahead And Revealed Next Generation S2000?

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One very special vehicle is the Honda S2000 as car enthusiasts do find it very difficult to forget once they have seen it. The last time that we saw the vehicle launched was back at the start of 2000. Up to now we haven’t heard a great deal about the next generation model, but now things have changed.

A representative of Honda has talked about the next generation of the Honda S2000 and he said that the vehicle was a very special vehicle from Honda and that as it is so special it is a once a decade vehicle and as such it is going to be produced only every decade.

As we haven’t yet seen the Honda S2000 in this decade, the chances are that Honda has the next generation under development. We should it arrive before 2020 if it is going to live up to the once a decade description.

When the Honda S2000 does make its way out it is going to be in competition with the Mazda MX-5 along with the Fiat Abarth and the Miata. As the S2000 is said to be lasting a decade we believe that the powertrain isn’t going to age too fast.

But what are you expecting to see from the Honda S2000 when it finally arrives for this generation?

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