Half Life 3: Don’t Rule Out VR

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Gamers have been waiting for Half Life 3 to come out for what seems to be an eternity. It is thought that it may arrive in 2018 in time to celebrate its 20th anniversary but at the moment Valve are keeping quiet about the development of the game. Now we hear that it is possible that the game may arrive in VR as by the time it is ready VR is going to be more affordable for the masses.

Half Life first came onto the PC in 2008 and it has grown to become a popular game over the years. Valve hasn’t said much about Half Life 3 though and there hasn’t been any confirmation that the game is actually coming our way. But there are leaks and talk is going around that they are working on the third in the series.

Code detectives noticed some hints about Half Life 3 and these point to the game being in development and it may arrive with some new features. DOTA 2 offered a recent update and this came with a code with then name of HLVR. The code suggests that the game may arrive in the form of Virtual Reality.

This has fans of the game very excited as if Half Life 3 does come in VR it would be the first in the series to do so. It has also been suggested that Valve is working with HTC on the games development.

The chairwomen for HTC did confirm at the MWC that they were working on Half Life, but she failed to say whether it was Half Life 3. The rumors about the game keep continuing to come out, so hopefully the game will emerge next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

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