Gamers playing GTA Online have been enjoying a money glitch that rewards them with millions of dollars. We are talking about the GTA 5 Bikers update and it seems that some players don’t understand the mechanics behind it.

One gamer shared the fact that his cocaine lockup was raided and he said that when he went back to it the value had gone up like crazy. He thought that the figure of $1.7 million was a glitch and it would reset, however he found that he could sell it and get $2.6 million in return.

He said that he went for around 4 million to 7 million and wondered if the same had happened to anyone else playing the game. It seems that is has as other gamers have told their stories about the money glitch.

Another gamer said that he went back to his lockup and the value was at $3, 360,000 and when they went to sell he got $3, 729.600.

It seems that the GTA 5 Online glitch has also been good to other gamers; however there doesn’t seem to be a way to replicate the glitch. However it does seem to happen with cocaine missions, which in the Bikers update, are the most profitable of missions to complete.

It has also been said that the glitch often happens following raids or when logging off following a sell mission.

Have you enjoyed the benefits of glitches in GTA 5 Online?

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