Fans of GTA 5 were very disappointed to hear that they would have to wait until September to get their hands on GTA 5, instead of the planned May. Now there are rumours going around that gamers could be faced with another delay and this is related to sales of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has already gone ahead and they have announced a deal for anyone who wants to pre-order the game for the Xbox 360. Anyone who pre-orders early will be able to get their hands on 1600 Microsoft points. This means that if you have already pre-ordered anywhere else you might want to cancel and get it on the Microsoft website instead.

Microsoft says that they deal is only for a limited time while supplies last and so you should not hang around. In the terms and conditions though, it does say that the GTA 5 pre-order window ends on December 31st 2013.

So if you wish to pre-order or you already have you can cancel and get 1600 Microsoft points when ordering GTA 5 over at the Microsoft website.

However the question is, how can the offer end on 31st December 2013 when GTA 5 should be coming out on 17th September and this is for pre-orders? Could it be that GTA 5 is going to face another delay and it won’t be released in September? If this is so, does the delay only apply to the version on the Xbox 360?

These are just rumours at the moment of course and those who head to the forums are continuing to try and work out what it all means.

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