Saints Row 4 To Challenge GTA 5 For Open World Acclaim

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If you are not into GTA 5 and you are looking for an alternative game to play this year, we may have found the perfect one to consider. The Saints Row series of games has been competing against the series from Rockstar and Saints Row 4 could be about to give GTA 5 a run for its money for the title of the best open world game of this year.

Watch Dogs is also due to be released from Ubisoft and this means that gamers are spoilt for choice. Saints Row 4 should be coming out in August and we can reveal an extended game-play demo which comes complete with commentary from Jim Boone, the senior producer at Volition.

The video comes from a PAX East event and it shows gamers some new weapons that they can use when they are roaming around the streets. We also have a first look at the very funny dubstep weapon, which makes all pedestrians who are close by fall in love with this type of music. Check out the video to see what we mean.

You can also catch a glimpse of the monster truck in the game, along with Jim Boone telling you about customisation of weapons in the game and how it has been expanded. The rocket launcher has been used for an example here. Gamers can also add more features onto weapons, an example being to decrease the time it takes to reload, along with adding in explosive damage from rocket based weapons along with upgrades to guided missiles.

One of the best parts to the video is seeing confirmation of the mech suit. Players are able to wear the suit, which comes with mini-guns and the option to be able to hover. Of course there will be complaints about how this looks much the same as Saints Row 3, but check out the video and tell us what you think about the game.

Do you think it looks too much like Saints Row 3? The game will be coming out on 20th August in the US and the 23rd of August everywhere else. Will it be viable competition for GTA 5?

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