GTA 5 Release Date For PS4, PC & Wii U: What’s The Word

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GTA 5 will be coming out on 17th September and up to now this has been confirmed for the Xbox 360 and PS3. However what about other platforms? Will we see it released on the PC, PS4 or Wii U? How will people be able to enjoy the game if it is not going to come out on other platforms? We have heard a rumour that will have you feeling as though you already have GTA 5.

Fans of GTA 5 who are waiting patiently to play the game on the PS4 will be pleased to hear some good news. Techienews has revealed a report that says that GTA 5 may be coming to the PS4. Rockstar have not said if the game will be heading to the console, but there have been hints that it will make its way onto the next gen console. The Sixth Axis said that “Greatness Awaits”, this is an ad that Sony has released for the PS4.

Scenes from the ad have leaked as one part of the introduction for the live action trailer for GTA 5. Along with this there is a banner ad shown and which was said to be the logo for GTA 5 in the leaked video from April. The coincidences could be a hint that Sony and Rockstar are in some king of collaboration.

Rockstar are refusing to talk about the PC and Wii U version. GameSpot got in touch with the developer and it seems that for the moment there is nothing new when it comes to the PC or Wii U version of GTA 5.

Society and Religion said that GTA 5 would be coming out on the PC; they said that if you pay the premium for the PC then you would get the better experience. They also said that they thought GTA 5 would come to the Nintendo Wii U and that it would be better for playing on, thanks to the smaller display.

If you are waiting to hear news for the version on the PC then S&R said that they think GTA 5 would come to the PS4 and the PC at around the same time, perhaps towards the end of the year. S&R say that “we’re either going to see a very quick port or that they’ve been working on the next generation version for GTA V for quite some time.”

Of course you cannot predict a release date for GTA 5 on the PS4, PC or the Wii U. However people all over the internet are saying that we will soon see some news from Rockstar. S&R said “nevertheless at the moment it seems quite likely that both a PC port and a PS4 version of the game will be announced very, very soon.”

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