The folks over at IMG want to know if GTA 5 could get the Hollywood treatment. They said that they would like to see some famous NPCs as celebs in GTA 5.

IMG said that they could go about doing their daily routines, such as red carpet events and stalked by the media.

They believe that has the game is set in Hollywood, celebs could feature in the game.

IMG think it would be cool to be driving through LA and see stars attending a red carpet event for a new movie.

They also mentioned that perhaps it would be cool if you could assassinate a celeb.

Trevor could be perched on a roof of a building and look down the rifle scope onto the red carpet event and shoot a celeb, which of course would cause fear and then he would have to escape the search.

IMG said that it would be very cool if this could happen. They pointed out that the close you came to this was in GTA: San Andreas, when you had the mission to drive the celebrity into the ocean.

IMG said that they would like it if such as George Clooney, Michael Moore and Rosie O`Donnell were there and you could pour some petrol over them and then watch as they died.

They believe that this would be great fun.

How cool would it be to have Trevor go stalk a celebrity?

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