Huawei worked alongside Google to come up with the Nexus 6P and the partnership turned out to be a very successful one. It was thought that Huawei would then work with them on the Google Pixel XL and Pixel handsets. But this isn’t going to happen. So is it a case of Google having scared off Huawei, or what happened?

Google did in fact talk with Huawei about making the Pixel XL and Pixel phones following the Nexus 6P. However the talks came to a grinding halt, although it has been said that their relationship is still strong and there are ongoing projects between the two, which is said to include a tablet.

When it comes to the Google Pixel phones it isn’t clear as to whether they are going to take over the Nexus brand or whether the Nexus will remain. However it was said that the devices wouldn’t have the Nexus branding. What we do know is that HTC is going to be behind the handsets, not Huawei.

The reason for this may be that Google is removing third party branding from the Pixel devices. This is said to be something that Huawei were not happy about and it is speculated that this is what caused the negotiations to come to a grind halt and Google turning to HTC.

Another reason may be that Google did promise Huawei that the Nexus 6P would be arriving on four major carriers in the US. Huawei wanted this as their way in to the US market. While the handset was compatible with four of the biggest US networks, not one of them sold the device. So maybe Huawei felt let down by Google and the broken promises and chose not to make the Pixel handset, who knows?

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