The sales of the Google Pixel may be kept a secret, just the same as they were with the Nexus 6P as Google isn’t known to share the sales numbers openly, nor do we know what target they have set for the devices.

They may have issues selling the Pixel branded handsets if you can believe analysts who have done research. They said that around 3 or 4 million Pixel handsets may be shipped out before the end of this year. But the truth is that this is merely guess work as Google doesn’t reveal the actual numbers.

The Pixel is going to be offered with a price tag of $769 and the Pixel is $650. This means that the handsets are the most expensive that Google has launched. However, many phone makers struggle with high end phones and more so just recently as shipments are said to be flat at the moment.

It was said that the Nexus 6P and 6 didn’t meet the expectations of Google, while the Nexus 4 sold less than 400,000 units during its lifespan. These are not official figures from Google of course. It is also estimated that about 40% to 50% of the shipment of handsets will happen during the second half of this year, but who knows really how many handsets they are going to sell or even what they hope to sell.

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