Google Pixel Could Reach Android 8.0 Late

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The Pixel and Pixel XL are two devices that are getting Nougat before everyone else but as Verizon is generally slow when it comes to offering updates both devices could end up being slow to get Android 8.0 next year.

The Pixel XL and Pixel are both exclusive to Verizon and the handsets are going to arrive with a bootloader that is locked. This may disappoint some people of course but it won’t affect the majority of owners. Another downside is the fact that they are offering the handsets with some apps that come preinstalled but it is thought that at least owners can uninstall them.

In regards to updates it was said that the monthly security updated would be coming from Google while the system updates would be down to Verizon for the handsets on Verizon and if the device is unlocked it would be down to Google if you bought it in the Google Store.

There is some good news in that Google is the one that is going to be offering up the security updates each month and this includes the Pixel XL and Pixel on Verizon. The bad news is that Verizon has been put in charge of updating Android. Google is going to make the updated and then Verizon will be pushing them out. This is where the problem lies as they aren’t known to push them out quick.

If you want updates that are timely then you might want to make sure that you buy your Google Pixel XL or Pixel from the Google Playstore.

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