Generally when a brand becomes bigger they turn to pleasing the mass market and in doing so the products become more generic and this is something that Google is moving towards.

They may eventually get to the level of Samsung and Apple and this could leave many early buyers left dissatisfied. However this doesn’t seem to bother the companies as they are making higher profits. Google hasn’t been faithful to the buyers of the Nexus 6 as Google has now turned to the Pixel handsets, with a higher price tag than the Nexus handsets.

It is looking as though Google wants to go the way of Samsung and Apple with smartphones and no longer offer affordable devices with great specs. This is why they have rebranded the Nexus phones into the Pixel devices and they are perhaps hoping that this is going to give them a new start in more upmarket devices.

The Nexus 6 was a superb handset but let’s face it, it just wasn’t appealing as the iPhone 7, despite the price tag being cheaper. In today’s smartphone world devices of 5.7 and above are considered too big, many people prefer a device of around 5 to 5.5 inches.

Only 16% of 15,000 people asked in a survey said that they wanted a handset bigger than 5.7 inch. So the Nexus 6 fits in perfectly. Wireless charging doesn’t seem to be a priority for people and Samsung found this out with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as it didn’t beat the sales of the iPhone 6.

Google is going away from the Nexus 6 and what made it such a superb handset and people are not happy about it. However this isn’t going to upset them as they are heading towards being alongside Apple and Samsung, in bringing in more profits for the company instead of focusing on what people really want.

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