Google Nexus 5X Could Be Recalled Like Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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The Google Nexus 5X may be in huge trouble as when it is updated to Android 7.0 Nougat it then suffers from boot loops.

If you don’t know about this issue, it’s when the phone restarts then just sticks on the intro screen and then keeps repeating. This means that the device is useless as you cannot do anything with it.

More and more owners of the Nexus 5X came out and said that they experienced the same issue. Now the pressure is totally on for LG and Google to recall the handset for fixing. If this were to happen then the Nexus 5X would be the second handset to suffer from a major recall.

The big question here is who is at fault. Several handsets from LG have been said to be unusable thanks to the boot loop problem, so perhaps this is a fault by the manufacturer.

Of course Google has been having issues with Android Nougat and this has stopped them from launching the operating system on the Nexus 6P. So when it comes down to it, it may be a fault with the firmware.

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