Google Nexus 5 Has No Dibs On Android 5.0, Motorola X Does?

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The upcoming Motorola X could become the first handset to get Key Lime Pie, beating the Google Nexus 5 to it. MobileNApps said that the device from Motorola would be a breakthrough and that it may well be a game changer. It would then be competition for the likes of Apple and Samsung. Sources have also said that the device could beat the Nexus 5 to Key Lime Pie.

There haven’t been a lot of leaks concerning the Motorola X, but DroidForums have provided us with some information. As with any rumour that does have to be taken with salt.

It is thought that the Motorola X could have a screen of 5 inches and this could be edge to edge and almost free of a bezel. It has been said that it is similar to the Motorola Razr M, which comes with an edge to edge screen. The source also said that the device will have a look that is very similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Motorola X will not have Nexus branding.

According to the source this would be the first of handsets heading to several carriers and that it would not an exclusive. The handset will have its own brand and it could have Key Lime Pie before any other handset. It is thought that Google will show off the handset during the I/O, which is set to take place over 15th to 17th May. Motorola along with Google have been said to be at work in the US, complimenting the Android experience and enhancing it. The Nexus devices are shipped in a very similar way.

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