Google Nexus 5: 2GHz Quad-Core, Android 6.0 Key Lime Pie & LTE Specs Leaked

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The LG Nexus 4 was a very popular handset and some people struggled to get their hands on it due to stock problems. There has been a rumour going around about the Nexus 5 being on the way and it has been said that it will come with Key Lime Pie. IB Times said that the handset could be designed around the LG Optimus G2.

It was said that Key Lime Pie would come out this year. It was rumoured to come with lots of improvements for multi-users along with performance modes for those who wanted a longer lasting battery life over performance of hardware. There was also talk about there being Twitter integrations along with other social networks.

The LG Optimus G2 was said to have a 5 inch display, improvements to the camera, support for LTE and a quad core 2GHz processor. At the moment we don’t have any firm proof that LG will be behind the Nexus 5, but there has been rumours going around and it has been said that perhaps we will see more than one phone maker launching the Nexus. The 5 in the name of the Nexus 5 may be in relation to the device having Android 5 Key Lime Pie.

LG did a superb job when they launched the LG Nexus. It has hardware that is superb, a camera that is good, brilliant build design and more. However it did lack LTE and storage that is decent. Maybe LG will remedy these things with the successor to the LG Nexus 4.

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