Owners of the Nexus 6P waited patiently for the arrival of Android 7 Nougat on their device, but it didn’t arrive when it was supposed to arrive. Now we hear that Vodafone in Australia have found an issue with the software when they wee testing it with their device.

The issue found wasn’t made clear but they did say that Huawei is looking into it. Of course you might wonder why it might affect owners in the US as Vodafone isn’t a US carrier.

Well it might as it is Huawei that is looking into the issue with the Nougat update. The issue may affect other carriers around the world if it is big enough and so Nougat may end up being delayed for the Nexus 6P along with the Nexus 5X.

Of course knowing Google they might just go ahead and release Android 7 Nougat anyway even though an issue has been found. They have done this before in the past and then patched up issues with updates.

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