The Google Pixel and Pixel XL sold well during the Black Friday sales but it has been revealed that the sales didn’t do as well as those of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the iPhone 7 during that same period.

It does make a refreshing change to see how well the devices have done up against others on the market as Google tends to keep sales close to their chest. Of course Google is the ones responsible for putting Android on millions of competitor’s handsets around the world.

Google has now embraced the support of carriers so that they are able to reach a much wider audience. They have been more open with the sales figures of the Pixel handsets but we cannot say the same about sales of the Nexus 6P.

We would like to know how the Nexus 6P has done over the last year. We would also like to know how much better the sales of the Pixel XL are compared to the Nexus handset.

The Nexus 6 did manage to get benefit from the carriers support but Google hasn’t revealed the sales figures. They did say at one point that the handset wasn’t selling all that well, but were the sales any worse than devices from Sony and HTC.

Was the Nexus 6P behind in sales of the Sony Xperia Z5 and HTC One M9? It is looking as though Google don’t want us to know, so possibly it was.

Perhaps the lack of availability out of the US was to blame and of course some consumers outside of the US found the Project Fi just too expensive. This could have been the downfall of the Nexus 6P.

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