Google Failed With Nexus 6P Abroad And Here Is Why

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While Samsung may be known for offering the most mainstream devices it is Google that offer the handsets that have the most devoted of fans. The Nexus 6P for instance managed to elevate the stock Android to a totally new level.

However its success has so far been limited to the U and Google has tried to make its phones more well-known over the border, not a great deal has been achieved.

However this isn’t for lack of Google trying and Project Fi did manage to get support from Sprint along with T-Mobile and US Cellular over in the US. They also got support from Three UK and T-Mobile in the rest of the world. This means that the service has been expanded to over 120 countries around the world.

The Nexus 5X along with the Nexus 6P have also been picked up by Verizon and Sprint. Google does intend for the stock Android hardware, which is going through a rebrand with the Pixel name, to move away from the developer phone niche it was placed in and head into the mainstream.

However Project Fi is being held back by the cost. The plan that Google offers isn’t complicated, however $10 per GB data is expensive for the markets abroad. US consumers don’t like to pay that amount, as of course there are deals that are more attractive, which are offered by carriers that have better speed and coverage.

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