In Pakistan and India Google launched the Android One range of handsets and thanks to them having done so well there the devices, which fall under the mid-level, are going to be taking a dip into the US market.

Google should have given this plenty of thought but we are surprised to hear them say that they want to launch the Android One mid-level phone over in the US. We say this has the mid-level smartphone market over in the US is very different in comparison to the markets in Asia.

The Google Android One has a price tag of $200 and so it does appeal to those on a budget in markets in Asia. However in the US buyers typically go after features and function rather than a cheap price tag. Google is said to be investing a large sum of money in the Android One in the US despite knowing this.

Whether the cheap price tag of the Android One would be enough to get people in the US to purchase it remains to be seen, however, Google are determined to find out.

But would you go for the Android One handset in the US?

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