Google has admitted that they could have done better with the Google Pixel phones. One of the most talked about things about the phones is the lack of them being totally waterproof. The phone does have certification of IP-53 but this doesn’t mean that you can fully submerge them into water.

The IP-53 rating just means that the Google Pixel can deal with splashes of water or sprays up to 60 degrees from the top. This means that if you are in the rain and talking on your phone it should be ok.

However handsets such as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 can be submerged into water, so why can’t the premium priced Google Pixel handsets? Well it seems that the reason is that Google ran out of time when they were making the devices.

It seems that Google had intended to make the Google Pixel phones waterproof but then 2016 came and they then had to start over and this meant about 9 months between starting again and launching the devices.

The Google Pixel was rushed to an extent but still the handsets have met with positive reception. Of course the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 absence from the market has gone a long way as people can consider buying the Pixel instead.

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