Go With Galaxy Edge 7 Or Hang On For Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

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Anyone who is the market for a new device may wish to consider the Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 as it is a superb handset. However, coming our way soon should be the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. So should you hang on?

The Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 is a great device with expandable storage and a battery that is big. It offers up a good camera and performance and it comes with the Samsung Pay app.

We have heard a lot about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and it will have the S-Pen. The Note is all about getting things done and it is perfect for note taking.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not swappable and while it does come with a good sized battery, a couple of years and the battery isn’t going to hold the charge as it did when new.

A downside to the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is that it will be a large handset and if you don’t want the S-Pen you might want to go for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 is an all rounder and perfect for browsing the internet, reading, playing games and general entertainment. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is a great device for those wanting a work handset.

So would you choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or would it be the Samsung Galaxy Edge 7?