The Samsung Galaxy S7 along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have both been successful and they are a big improvement over the predecessor. This is thanks to the fact that some key areas were improved and patched up.

This has led to both devices enjoying great success around the world this year, something which the S6 couldn’t achieve. However, even with the handset being so popular Samsung hasn’t managed to keep hold of first position.

The Reputation Institute survey ranks companies and they do this based on how reputable the consumers think they are.

Amazon have overtaken Samsung to take the first position, which meant that Samsung have had to make do with second place. While this is still a great place to be, as after all they are in front of Apple, LG and HTC, it still isn’t top spot.

The survey takes into account how the company meets expectations of their shareholders or even succeeds those expectations. It takes into account a lot of different internal along with external criteria that all go towards affecting the reputation.

It looks as though the success of the Samsung Galaxy S7 along with the fact that they are more reliable in their software support than ever hasn’t been quite enough to stop Amazon taking the top spot.

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