It’s not too difficult to describe the BMW M2 or the Ford Mustang, the Mustang is of course one of the most popular of the sports coupes around the world and the M2 happens to be a more precise and scaled down version of the larger of the M vehicles.

The Ford Mustang and the BMW M2 both share a great deal of common ground. One of the things that stand out is the high output performance that is offered. The Ford Mustang is the best-seller and this even applies to sports coupes in Germany.

If you have been wondering which the better of the two is out of the Ford Mustang and the BMW M2 you might be interested in a drag race between the two vehicles. The race came courtesy of EVO as they wanted to find out which vehicle deserves to be called the best sports coupe.

The Ford Mustang offers up the V8 5 litre engine which gives up 415 horses. This is around 50 more than the horses offered with the BMW M2. If you go on the specs you can see that the Mustang does seem to be the better choice of the two, but that on paper. So what about on the track?

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