Ford Mustang Proves That It’s Not Just Some Fast Toy

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The Ford Mustang is one powerful vehicle and we have said time and time again that the vehicle should not be used like a toy and more so it applies to some of the more powerful variations of the Mustang.

We have heard about incidents with the Ford Mustang crashing at car meets after people have been showing off their vehicle. This goes to prove that drivers need to be careful when behind the wheel of the Mustang. Now we have heard about another incident with a Mustang sliding out of control when leaving a car meet in the US.

A Cars and Coffee event was held in Kansas and the incident occurred with a driver of the Stage 3 Mustang which came from Roush Performance. It was seen accelerating away and the back end of the Mustang stepped out and this saw the muscle car going across the curb and ending up in a grass field.

The Ford Mustang didn’t hit anyone in the crowd, thankfully, and it didn’t cause any damage. What was perhaps more interesting than the vehicle actually being involved in the incident was the reaction of an elderly gentleman who was seen in the video fist pumping the air with a huge grin on his face.

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