The Ford Mustang may have a lot to offer and it is a very popular sporting coupe, but it’s become a victim of stereotypes. We have seen many instances of the vehicle going out of control at various car meetings when people have got carried away showing of its power and end up crashing.

Now we have seen a video of the Ford Mustang being involved in a car crash in a parking lot and the video went viral straight away. This goes to show that the vehicle is perhaps unsafe for showing off the power in small places.

The Ford Mustang in question was doing a burnout when the vehicle slide out of control and it then crashed into a Toyota Corolla that was parked in the parking lot.

What happened to be strange about the whole thing is that somehow the Ford Mustang managed to end up on top of the Toyota Corolla. The video only showed off the aftermath of the accident so we don’t have any idea about how the vehicle got on top. You can check it out here

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Mario Caballero

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