Ford Focus RS Allows Mom And Gramps To Drift Like Pros

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When the Ford Focus RS was revealed it came with a feature that was unique and popular, the Drift Mode. When this mode is activated it allows the vehicle to measure the road and then it drifts accordingly. This means that anyone and everyone, including mom and gramps, should be able to drift.

Ford said that the mode ensures that the Ford Focus RS makes drifting child’s play. They also said that the average mom would be able to drift in the vehicle. This of course led to numerous videos being posted of mothers getting behind the wheel of the vehicle to see if the claims were true. Many proved that this was the case as they could drift.

Now videos have been surfacing of grandfathers drifting in the Ford Focus RS, so it seems that the claims of Ford really are true. Anyone who gets behind the wheel can drift the vehicle, albeit not like in the movie Tokyo Drift.

To commemorate International Grandfathers Day, a drift session was organized by Donut Media for all grandpas in a Ford Focus RS. The results of this were positive along with being very funny at the same time, check it out below.

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