Ford Fiesta RS May Be Able To Fulfil Ultimate Hatchback Dream

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There are plenty of rumors going around about the fact that Ford is developing a new version of the Ford Fiesta RS and when it comes out it will come in above the Fiesta ST. The RS is going to offer up more power and it has been said that it will make its way out next year.

While you do have to take rumors with a good pinch of salt, we are really hoping that this time around the rumor comes to life. The Ford Fiesta RS is a great subcompact hatchback and it may be the ultimate of hatchback dreams.

This is due to the fact that the Ford Fiesta RS is going to be small in stature along with having plenty of power to offer, more than the Fiesta ST. The vehicle is going to offer the FWD and it should remain true to the lineage. It is thought that it might have the 2 litre EcoBoot turbocharged 4 engine and it may offer 280 horses.

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