Ford F-150 Hybrid Is For The Haters

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There hasn’t been any formal information given out about the Ford F-150 hybrid but it is thought that we are going to see it arrive with a small diesel engine along with the gas electric hybrid drive.

Recently spies caught a glimpse of the Ford F-150 hybrid out on the road and thanks to the front fenders, even though under wraps, there are no mistaking the fact that this is the new hybrid.

Under the wrapping on the fender you can see a break in the pattern and we can only assume that this is where the plug-in charge port is on the hybrid vehicle.

In the video that leaked online you can hear an engine running and when the light hits green the Ford F-150 hybrid fires up and drives away. The regular version of the F150 comes with stop and start technology this means that the fact that the truck started up and then drove away really doesn’t reveal much of anything.

But the person taking the video said that when the vehicle hit 35 miles the gas engine stopped and the electric drive took over.

So perhaps we have just seen the first of the new Ford F-150 hybrid out in testing on the streets.