Fallout 4: Pick Them Up As You Go

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Most people would have already completed the game by now but for those that have just started the game or are looking for more fusion cores, here are some of the places where you will be able to pick them up.

Honestly, these fusion cores are not that hard to come by but if you so happen to be around the area, you might as well pick them up. You will be able to pick up four fusion cores at the Kellogg House. After entering the house, find the desk and crouch down, you should see a red button. Press on it and you will hide yourself four fusion cores.

There are more to collect at the Castle although you will need to take down the aquatic opponents first. More Fusion cores can be found at Ford Hagen at the western edge of the commonwealth and in the generator rooms.

If you happen to be a the Weston Water Treatment plant, there are also a few more to pick up there.

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