It is looking like Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 is going to get mods soon. Bethesda has now said that the update for the game is coming out soon and it will unlock support for mods. However it could be a case of too little, too late as it looks like fans are disillusioned and they don’t care anymore about mods.

Some gamers have asked if people really are still playing Fallout 4 and they see the game as more of a chore rather than a game that can be played and enjoyed. Gamers have claimed that the dialogue is awful and it’s full of bugs and issues. People have also said that there is too much walking in the game and ammo is short while there are plenty of enemies that take many shots before they lie down dead.

It seems that people with the PS4 console who have Fallout 4 have already given up on getting any mod support that is decent. They have said that the Xbox is really the only way to go for those who want decent mods on any console.

Overall it seems that many people have forgotten all about Fallout 4 was in comparison to the New Vegas. But what do you think about mods being available on Fallout 4 by way of an update?

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