Fallout 4 May Hold Secrets In Its Ocean: Rapture Underwater City DLC and More

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Gamers are wondering if perhaps Fallout 4 oceans may hold some secrets and it could include the Rapture Underwater City DLC and a lot more. This is due to the fact that gamers of Oblivion found a hidden helmet.

Gamers also found the aqua boy perk along with the harpoon weapon and then attention turned to Fallout 4 and talk began about the possibility of city being under the water in the game.

Gamers hope that they are going to see a DLC for Fallout 4 very soon and they are keeping their fingers crossed that when it does it will come without any bugs and issues.

What do you think? Is the ocean hiding in Fallout 4 and will it come by way of a hidden DLC?