Fallout 4 Automatron DLC: What’s It Hiding

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Bethesda finally releases the new and first DLC for Fallout 4 called the Automatron DLC this week and while most people were busy coming out with a robot companion of the own, other were searching the game for some hidden features that we all know is there.

One of the hidden features you will find in the new DLC is the Automatron Pip-Boy Minigame which is located at the Ford Hagen Satellite Array. Here is how you can find and play the mini game.

In the Headhunting mission, you will need to go to the Ford Hagen Satellite Array. Get to the bunker beneath the Ford, it will be unlocked as part of the quest. Locate Automatron which is at the terminal after you defeat Ahab.

You should be able to find a glowing bottle of Nuka Cola next to the terminal. Read the notes left by Ivery and you can start playing the minigame.

The minigame itself is pretty simple. Check out the video guide release by dadbodgames below.

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