There have been many rumours going around about another Elder Scrolls game in the works – Elder Scrolls VI.

We personally would like to see Solstheim packed with vampires and werewolves again. For instance the people of Raven Rock could be getting ready for an eclipse and werewolves could run riot and thus forget about fighting off the vampires. You would then have to choose between keeping the town safe and turning into a vampire and using the town as food.

You could choose to have some companions keep a watch over the town or join in with the werewolves.

When it came to Blades you could recruit dragons.

You may have to unlock words of power and you could use these to create brand new shouts.

There might also be an option to make Blades armour and swords and the two handed Katana.

This may be a DLC in its own right of course instead of an Elder Scroll VI and there may even be a town built around it. People in the town could start out with tents and then work up to building a wall around the town and houses, before going on to develop a whole new community.

The community that was built could then become the capital and you could be Jarl.

So what do you think about this idea for an Elder Scrolls 6? Or do you think it would suffice as a DLC for the next in the series?

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Cecelia Dahl

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