EA Refuses To Blame Battlefield 1 For Titanfall 2 Disappointment

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There has been a great deal of criticism about Titanfall 2 but it seems that EA has refused to blame it on Battlefield 1. The criticism about the game was mainly about how close it was launched to Battlefield 1 but the CEO of EA said that both games fulfil different motivations in what the gamer wants.

Titanfall 2 was launched on October 28 and as soon as it arrived it received a great deal of praise from the critics. The game did go on to get reviews that glowed but analysts did say that the sales would be substantially disappointing. This was due to the fact that the game was launched only a week following Battlefield 1 and just one week before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is launched.

However the CEO of EA believes that there are three types of gamers. He said that there are those who like the strategic gameplay of Battlefield, some like the kinetic gameplay that Titanfall 2 offers and some who just like to play shooting games and who will play both games.

Titanfall 2 is going to get free DLC maps along with modes and the game is getting feedback that is positive said the CFO of EA. He said that they are working with Respawn Entertainment on building up the Titanfall franchise for many more years.

Titanfall 2 did get 9 out of 10 score in a GameSpot review and it was said to be a great sequel, a shooting game that is fluid and classed as being spectacular.

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