Drivers Of Tesla Model S Have To Share Autopilot Responsibility

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There has been a great deal of talk about the Autopilot self-driving technology in the Tesla Model S after people have said that it has been the cause of accidents. However the driver has to share the responsibility and it is totally wrong to blame things on the Autopilot as after all it is the driver who is the one responsible in their vehicle.

It seems that a lot of owners of the Tesla Model S may be taking the feature for granted and behaving irresponsibly then the Autopilot is turned on. We have recently seen some more evidence of this happening when a driver shared a video of what seems to be a driverless vehicle on a very congested road.

The video shows that the driver of the Tesla Model S seems to be sleeping behind the wheel of the vehicle. What is needed is for there to be stricter regulations in vehicles with semi-autonomous driving systems.

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