Does The 2016 Tesla Model S Suffer Big Autopilot Fraud?

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The name Autopilot might have people thinking that they are paying money out for a system in a vehicle that can self-drive. However this isn’t the case as the vehicle can only perform semi-autonomous driving.

People have been paying more attention to the Autopilot system of Tesla since a man lost his life in a crash involving a Tesla Model S that came with Autopilot enabled.

However it looks like the Autopilot didn’t play any part in the death of the man as Tesla said that the accident may have been down to other failures but it wasn’t the fault of Autopilot.

They suggested that it may have been the fault of the radar or camera hardware in the Tesla Model S that didn’t detect the tractor and engage the brake or perhaps the system which stops false braking from the radar and camera misread the distance of the truck and didn’t apply the brake.

Either way Tesla have been quick to suggest that it wasn’t the Autopilot fault but rather the automatic braking setup of the Tesla Model S that may have been to blame. The semi-automatic driving system adds-in adaptive cruise control along with lane keeping assistance and lane changing features.

This means that Autopilot is said to help with making speed adjustments, steering and moving and keeping in lanes, but not with braking. At the end of the day it is the driver of the vehicle that is said to be the one in charge and they are the ones responsible for their own safety.

Many people might be surprised to hear that automatic braking isn’t one part of the Autopilot system.

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