Dodge Hellcat With 707 Horses Developed With Mustang In Mind

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Engineers who worked on the Dodge Hellcat have spoken out and they said that the top range performance engine wasn’t meant to offer up 707 horses.

They said that when they were developing the V8 6.2 engine it was targeted to offer up 600 horses due to the fact that Dodge took into account the fuel economy aspects of the vehicle. Then they found out that the Ford Mustang GT500 2013 could give out 662 horses and Dodge changed their mind and targeted 675 horses instead.

However it seems that Chris Cowland wanted even more and he worked in secret with is team and developed the 6.2 litre 707 horse Hellcat. He said that it was a big secret and that the outcome of the work was positive as the V8 unit can save the same amount of gas as the 600 horsepower prototype.

The Hellcats 6.2 litre engine is said to be among the best out of the V8 engines on the market and it is also known to be the most recognized when it comes to muscle cars.

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