Alfa Romeo wants to set up a new standard by which the rest of the Fiat-Chrysler family will follow. Many people have been interested in the Guilia and the Stelvio, of course the Guilia is the best-performer among sports sedans, so this isn’t surprising.

The Giulia has been built around the new Giorgio platform and this means that Alfa Romeo can apply the Ferrari V8 engine and give it a tweak so that it offers up 6-cylinders.

The platform is a big turning point in the history of Alfa Romeo and the carmaker has invested about $1 billion in it. They originally said that they would keep the Giorgio platform exclusive, but now it looks as though they may have changed their minds.

Now Alfa Romeo said that they will give the Giorgio to FCA and it can be used as a platform for sister companies to leap forwards. So in the future we may see a new and very different Dodge Challenger than the models that are currently out.

But what do you think about the Dodge Challenger having the skeleton of the Stelvio and the Guilia?

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