Diablo 4 Hopes Shot Down By Creator David Brevik

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David Brevik has shot down the hopes of gamers who have been waiting to hear about Diablo 4 arriving. Fans of the game have been expecting some news as 2016 is the 20 year anniversary of the game. The excitement rose when good bags were sent out and one item was a dice with four sides, the D4, which led to fans assuming that the fourth version was coming, but apparently not.

It seems that the dice was in fact nothing more than a printing error. When it is rolled the visible sides should show the same number at the bottom, but instead it read 1-1-4. Some fans took this to means November 4, 11-4, which happens to be the first day of the BlizzCon event.

Rumors began again when David Brevik and Bill Roper paid a visit to the studio, they are both former veterans who worked on Diablo. However Brevik went on Twitter and sent out a message along with an image of a constellation and said that Diablo like games continue to surprise and evolve for 20 years and that he was proud to be the advisor for the game which pushes the genre to new heights.

He made it sound as though he was working on a new version, Diablo 4. He then Tweeted again and said he wasn’t working on a new game at the moment and he wouldn’t be working on one in the near future. He then said sorry and added muchlove.

Roper then Tweeted that there had been plenty of speculation about Diablo 4 and said that while it would be a honor it was nothing more than just a rumor.

So it is looking as though hopes for Diablo 4 coming out at the event have been squashed. On the other hand some fans have said that as the Tweets came within a couple of hours of each other it may be nothing more than damage limitation.

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