The last thing that we heard about Dead Island 2 was that it was going to be delayed. The game wasn’t launched in 2016 and now there is some doubt from gamers that it will arrive in 2017. So is the game dead and buried?

Many gamers have been waiting to get hold of Dead Island 2 as the first game was a big success. We know that the game has been passed from developer to developer and so there has been a delay on it. But the wait isn’t over yet and we haven’t heard any promising news.

It is thought that the games delay is due to Sumo Digital. We have heard that the developer might have decided to start afresh with the story line and the mechanics of the game and this is why it is taking so long.

We have no idea, if or when, Dead Island 2 is going to come out, but if Deep Silver can be believed then the game hasn’t been cancelled and they were working on it in 2016.

Do you think Dead Island 2 is dead and buried or will it eventually arrive?

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